Our Vission

We envision an Ecovillage where we implement practical techniques for regeneration, with a dedicated staff that “walks the talk” and practices new tools on a “proof of concept” scale. There are 17 people on the board of Spirala, all members are highly educated, and have relevant experience to make this vision come to life. We value the heritage of the Carvalhal region located in the east of Portugal, with its unique natural wisdom and the rich warm culture that evolved with it. In the last few years, we have developed deep cooperations with local and international innovators, associations and businesses, communities, and individuals to enrich our vision, learn from, and include them in our Masterplan.

Our mission

About the land

The property of 10.4 hectares is part of the Idanha-a-Nova council, which is a bioregion and part of several bioregions in Europe, aiming to promote innovation and sustainable development. The mayor, Mr.Armindo Moraira met us in person, understood our vision, and was glad to include our project in the strategic plan of the council, and so did the local social incubator.

The land is healthy and rich, with a variety of Mediterranian and European vegetation, high levels of bio-diversity, insects, birds, mammals, mushrooms, and much more!

We renovated the old farmhouse to be able to welcome visitors and host events on the farm. Turned the barn into a workshop where we keep the community tools and materials we collect from businesses for re-uses, such as windows, wood pallets, or metal poles.

We improved the roads and parking of the farm, modernized the water systems, and extended the electricity capacity of the farm, that is based on renuable energy source. 

We upgraded the gardens and now grow various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Producing our own wine and olive oil. Furthermore, we have reached more than 800 people so far that we host for one or more days on our farm, at our events, gatherings, and online meetings.

We are planning to establish 5000 sqm of facilities made from local natural materials, according to the local regulations and standards. 

We will provide a service we call an Eco-Hub, a physical junction where people meet, learn from each other, and experience the wisdom of the local culture and the natural biosphere while creating bridges between cultures and generations. Visitors of the Eco-Hub will enjoy professional daily workshops for the whole family, comfortable accommodation, and networking with like-minded people.

Understanding the climate change we are facing all around the world, we chose a proactive approach.

We believe it is our duty as humans to initiate and advance the transition to regenerative ways of living. Spirala community takes action to answer the need for innovation, and cooperation, and to promote regeneration in the countryside.


Budget wise

In the first round of funding, we raised 150,000 €.

With this amount we bought the first piece of land for Spirala, 10.4 hectares.

We renovated the old farm house to be able to welcome visitors and host events on the farm.

We are now facing our second round of funding to improve the infrastructure of the farm and build the main community buildings.

For that, we are looking for a contribution of 270,000€.