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More informations

Dear future guest(s),

Here are some ideas, guidelines & practical information prior to your arrival to Spirala..

Context first

Spirala is a project started in 2020. We are currently a group of 6 people living on premise and another 11 people who are part of the project, living abroad and visiting. We aim to live in harmony with each other and with the surrounding neighbors and nature. You can think of it as a (small) friends’ village with the intention to open a long term accommodation space and host workshops, events and festivals. We love to host on our land, and to show around, also to share our current way of living. We enjoy meeting people, cooking together, exchanging ideas and having authentic interactions. 

A few important guidelines to have in mind prior to your arrival:

  • We aim to offer a simple, ecological-as-possible, fair, hearty accommodation in a beautiful space. 
  • Part of the magic is Spirala’s location (link below), in nature, almost 4km from the closest village. 
  • If you are not mobile with a car – you might consider buying food supply for 4-7 days prior to your arrival. Once you are here you’ll be welcome to join us when we are heading to a supermarket (15-30 minutes drive) or one of the monthly/ bi-weekly markets around (up to 30 minutes drive). For the rides cost – see our price list at the end of the document. 
  • Currently the project contains 5 caravans scattered in the area (including electricity and water connection), a spacious house that includes an office, shower washing machine and a kitchen. The house is used for gatherings and has 2 separate residential units.
  • Guests are welcome to stay in caravans or rooms based on their availability. For the spring and summer seasons we also offer tents in different sizes and you are also welcome to stay in your own tent. or  in  your own tent/ caravans. (*We also have tents for rent in different sizes)
  • Our shared kitchen is vegan or vegetarian. 
  • Wifi is available in the central building & room as well as their immediate proximity. 

– As part of the ecological concept, we use composting services, we spread sawdust after use instead of using water and the accumulated waste (odorless) is collected and turned into compost after about six months. It works great and you get used to it very quickly.

Getting here

You can find our location by typing “Spirala Ecological Village” on google maps or pressing this link.

You can get here by car or get closer by public transport to:

  • Castelo Branco, a city, ~ 35 minutes drive from Spirala (and/ or from Castelo Branco to)
  • São Miguel de Acha, a village, ~5 minutes drive from Spirala

If you don’t have a car

On weekdays there are two buses a day from Castelo Branco to Penamacor and the other way around:

Monday-FridaySaturday, SundayBus stop (google maps link)
Castelo Bracno – Penamacor 12:25, 17:45n/acloset TO Spirala
Penamacor – Castelo Bracno (from Spirala)06:21, 15:10n/acloset FROM Spirala 

Decent Taxi drivers are available on the following numbers:

  • Moche lucio taxis – +351 966 135 906
  • Taxis Rei – +351967058052

There are also  3 car rental agencies in Castelo Branco you might want to check: 

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Guerin Castelo Branco 
  • Europcar Castelo Branco

We can also pick you up from: 

  • São Miguel de Acha (5 Euro)
  • Castelo Branco’s main bus & train station (25 Euro)

Getting in

  • Check-in window is preferably from 13:00-16:00.
  • Check out at 11:00.

We are flexible and would love to help if we can so let us know if you have other preferences.

Your contact prior to your arrival and in the space is Gilad, who can be reached at this email email or by whatsapp 004915735347200.

While staying

The central house consists of a kitchen and a dining area as well as a living space, Spirala’s office and a gallery. While the office and the gallery are for the community members alone, the kitchen & dining area as well as the living room are shared space. 

Our “Carpool”

Since coming and going to Spirala requires a car, we are happy to invite you to join us when one of us is driving to a nearby town/ city or market, so for example to do your food shopping. That usually happens 1-3 times a week and we’ll only ask to split the gasoline costs. 


At the moment our (strong & stable) Wifi network covers the areas of the central house and the room and their immediate proximity. Those are located 100-150m from the central house (~50-150m ).

Shared spaces

What we call “central house” is our home and where we spend most hours on an average day (well’ unless it’s sunny or there is some existing market or other activity around). Feel free to sit, play, work, chat and eat. Feel at home. 

Please respect all beings in the space: children, adults, community members or guests. Please be sure to clean/ arrange after yourself so everyone will feel at ease in the space. That’s especially (but not only) important in the kitchen, where the space is limited and might feel a bit crowded from time to time: so once you are done cooking and eating – please wash your dishes and put them to dry. 

Do: please follow our waste separation system (in the kitchen). 

Don’t: please avoid smoking within the main building, including the terrace. If and wherever you smoke – please take care of the tips.

Shower, toilets & drinking water

  • There is one shared shower in the central house, where water is being heated with gas. After using the shower, please open the window so the room could ventilate properly and clean after yourself.
  • There are multiple compost toilets spread around the land.
  • Drinking water is available on taps in the central house and all over the space..

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach Gilad, we are happy to chat and hopefully see you soon.


The Spiralas